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Bridging Generations Through Dance

Isolation, loneliness and the weight of aging - it is easy for a senior citizen to fall prey to these feelings. Society does not recognize

a person’s value based on longevity.
Isolation, loneliness and the weight of aging - it is also easy for today’s youth to suffer from these same feelings. In an age where technology often replaces human contact, youth must navigate confusing and new territory.
Can these two generations come together and overcome their shared challenges? Can the beauty, joy and light of dance help two people on opposite ends of the age spectrum find a commonality?
During a series of workshops, dancers of all levels joined together to explore themes, emotions and movement.
Our camera witnesses the experience.
A young dancer is tentative to connect with not only a stranger, but also someone of an age with whom there has been little contact. The senior is perhaps more open and eager to foster this relationship because of experience.
Through the creation of thoughtful movement, dance supersedes hesitation and helps bridge a generational gap not often explored.
Thoughtful interviews, captured moments of intimacy, introspection, openness and joy, reveal a journey only dance can tell.

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